May 01, 2012

my day

:: Well here I my house in Abilene, waiting for The Voice to come on. And what is my husband doing????? He is sitting in a restaurant in St. Louis with my MOTHER!!! Somehow that doesn't seem one bit fair!!! But, I am glad that they are able to spend the evening together. And that they actually want to spend the evening together and enjoy it!!!!

:: These people on The Biggest Loser are incredible!! I can't believe how good they look. Especially that Kim woman!!! They are so inspirational, and I can't even get my butt off the couch to lose 20 pounds. I DID ride my bike this evening, go me! I rode up and down the streets of our neighborhood...and with our outrageous wind here, that was quite a workout. Took three minutes to ride down the street with the wind at my back, and then it took six minutes to ride back up the street into the wind. It's killer! We call it Death Row, and I rode it quite a few times. Whew!!

:: Bunko tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to laughing with the girls! But most importantly, when I get home after bunko, my sweet husband will be home!!!!!! Can't wait!!!! I have missed him so!!!

:: Time for some relaxing, some Voice, and some reading!! :) ahhh...

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