April 24, 2012

Me and my Ocho
   Well, Blogger has completely changed everything, so I am not sure what I am doing. There is no telling what this post will look like. Yikes. All these years of the same thing, and I was fine with that!!!

Anywho...today was my birthday!!! #36...seems a little weird to be that age!! How did I get that old? :) It was a wonderful day all the way around. It started with phone calls from my grandma and my mom, and proceeded into cards, sweet gifts, a shareholder meeting, a nice country club lunch, lots of sweet treats, a decorated office, dinner at Szchuans, and more sweet gifts!

I am a blessed girl, on so many fronts.

For dinner, we went to Szchuans with Greg and Lauren...today was also Lauren's birthday! It was fun to celebrate with them! The wait staff there even sang to us both! Dinner was delicious and then we headed home for ice cream cake, yummmm!

I received so many thoughtful gifts this year...too many to name. Everyone knows me so very well...have I mentioned that I am blessed????

Wanted to share some pics from my day...

Me and sweet Poppy

Me and cobirthday girl Lauren!

The staff at Szchuan singing to me and Lauren

Our dinner group for birthday celebrations!

Me and my mother-in-law

Me and Aspen

Man of my dreams!

The Babers!

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Anonymous said...

Happy days for you my PTS. Cute pic of the Baber's and especially Poppy looking away from you - had it been me I would have understood!


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