April 23, 2012


:: Birthday fun has begun! :) Friday, I received my birthday package from my mom and Randy (a beautiful pink shirt and fun pink bling earrings), and card/gift from my grandparents. Woo hoo! Today I received cards from Fonda and Clarence, and Dronda too! Oh, and Morgan Stanley :) And Ms. Kim took me to lunch today for my birthday. We enjoyed yummy food at Subway and chatted it up, and she gave me two sweet gifts. The Tuskegee cd!!!!! :) and a Nicholas Sparks book too (hardback!!). Birthdays are fun, even when you are turning 36.

:: Today, the day before my birthday, I woke up and came into the kitchen to get my breakfast. Aspen was standing there with a huge grin, and then she said, "Happy birthday!!!!" She was very excited, until I told her, um, my birthday is tomorrow!! :) Oops!

:: Loving the Voice!!!!!!!!!! My girl Juliet is going to win, loved her Aerosmith song and the big wings!

:: I'm almost done with my book...and then I am going to start The Hunger Games. I'm curious.

:: Hey granny -- I need to know how you spell your first name : Francis or Frances? I forgot to ask you when we talked!! :)

:: Tomorrow is the big Shareholder meeting at work...during the morning, and then a nice lunch. Looking forward to the day at the country club!

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