April 11, 2012


I have become a blog slacker!! Hang in there with me...I'm working on designing a graduation announcement for a coworker in the evenings this week. And I am just a lot slower at designing than I used to be. It is like riding a bike, sure, but it takes a lot longer to get up to speed. I've got it about 80% done now, thankfully, so I am feeling good about it. Need to do some fine tuning on it tomorrow and then I should be able to show her something.

Had a horrible migraine today, unfortunately. Felt decent until about 3:00 and then I became incredibly useless. Came home from work, put China Gel on my forehead and neck, and crawled into bed with my two pups. We slept for about an hour and a half. Feels a bit better now but still there. A good night of sleep tonight should do the trick. Stupid migraine.

Chris is watching Duck Dynasty...oh my.

Fonda is having her next round of tests on Thursday morning, say a big prayer for her please!! We want another good report so she can continue the "wait and see" approach. She won't have her results until the 17th, so pray everyday!!!!!

Aspen is going dress shopping tomorrow for prom...we'll see what she finds and likes. Next Saturday, the 21st will be prom and the group of girls she's going with are coming to the house beforehand to take pictures. That should be fun!

Time to get my stuff together, put another layer of China Gel on, and hit the sack!!!

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I'm hanging with you PTS...

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