April 08, 2012


Ah, three day weekends...love them!!

:: Our office was closed for Good Friday...a wonderful perf of working for a Christian company based on Christian principles. For the day, Chris wanted to work on his shop/garage with Neeley, so I headed over to Kim's house and we scrapbooked together all day! Got 21 pages done, and completely enjoyed the day with her. Came home around 6:30, and Chris and I headed out for a quick dinner and then a movie! We finally saw The Vow, which I have been wanting to see for awhile. More on that in a bit.

:: Saturday, Chris and Neeley worked on the garage/shop again, this time with help from Gary (Kim's husband). They are making huge progress!!! I spent the day cleaning the house, doing the laundry, making the grocery list, and then I started getting more scrapbook pages preplanned. It was a full day! Around 6:00, the sky turned very dark, and the wind became insane. I went out and told the guys that they really should be done and come inside. About ten minutes later, they were running around, getting stuff under cover. We had the worst storm we've had since I've lived here...the winds were gusting outrageously, and it was pouring so fast. Our yard began to flood, our chairs on the back porch flew and landed on top of each other, our front gate came loose from the stone. Our subdivision has resevoirs for water overage, and they were completely full and overflowing. I have never even seen water in them. These resevoirs are each the size of one full acre and a half lot! It was truly insane. I kept watching for a tornado funnel but never saw one. A few of our crepe myrtle trees were uprooted even. Just insane. Im glad we didn't have anything too horrible happen.

:: Sunday was Easter! We had a nice service at church. And then we also had Mimi's 62nd birthday!!! WE enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Red Lobster together, and then came home for some homemade honeybun cake (which is quite yum, if I do say so myself). We did gifts and celebrated a special woman. Happy birthday also to my wonderfully beautiful cousin Katie...

:: Now, back to The Vow...remember, I had read the book, which was an autobiography written by the real people about their true story. The first minute of the movie was obvious that it was going to be nothing like the book. The screenwriters basically took the main idea (woman loses her memory in a car accident and doesn't remember her husband, therefore he has to make her fall in love with him again) and wrote a movie surrounding that. There was all kinds of parent drama that didn't really happen, they had different jobs, they met in a totally different way, there was an ex-fiance who messed with things, she wasn't nearly as moody or irate as she really had been, and she never left his life. Everything in the movie was made up. The real people were also very strong Christians who had an amazing faith in God and it was that relationship with God that pulled them through it all. Of course, God was not mentioned once in the movie. The movie was decent, but not as good as I was hoping for. And the fact that they chose to leave God out of it completely just made it feel a bit flat, actually.

:: Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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