May 20, 2012

almost vacation

:: Last weekend before our vacation!! :)

:: Friday, Chris and I went to dinner at Logan's Road House with Dawson, Rhea, and their son Alex, his wife Deann, and their baby Leah. We don't eat there often, and the service was pretty slow. But the food was tasty for the most part. We spent about an hour back at their house and met their new puppy Nala. She was a cutie. They were going dancing, but we opted had been a long week and we just wanted to veg out. Came home and watched some tv and I read more of the third Hunger Games.

:: Saturday, Chris and Neeley worked on the shop all a little more accomplished. I ran a few errands, and then got my oil changed and transmission fluid changed, so the Murano is good for the trip. That took awhile. Then worked on the laundry and getting things ready for packing. And in between, I also finished up the travel scrapbook for our trip! :) It turned out great!! That evening, we went to dinner at Pizza Inn and got a few things for Aspen at Target, for the trip -- swimsuit and a couple pair of shorts. I think we are set!! OH! And I finished the book...I'm sad that the trilogy is over :( But it was so good...can't wait for the second and third movies!! It was a good story...I was surprised by the ending...that's always good!

:: Sunday, we visited a church where our friend Brett was preaching...was good to have a change of pace and we enjoyed his message. Then I did the grocery shopping and a few errands. And then I painted my toenails neon pink :)

::Three days of work ahead...I think I can handle that :) Then it's off to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! Looking forward to our vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Count them days down...3 days, hoping it goes fast for all looking forward to a long Memorial Day Weekend! And those lucky others heading to Vaca!


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