May 26, 2012


Hello from Gulf Shores, Alabama!!! We are well into our fun trip and I want to document everything we've been doing so far. Here we go!! (pictures to come later, once I get home!)

:: Wednesday, May 23 -- we packed up the car after work and got on the road around 6:15...drove for about two hours and then stopped in Weatherford for dinner at a BBQ place. Then on the road until 2:30 am when we stopped in Alexandria, Louisiana for a quick sleep and breakfast.

:: Thursday, May 24 -- we woke up at 8:00 am, had breakfast, and got on the road again. Chris drove part of the way, but then we were upon too much water. Which means bridges. And there were also lots of overpasses. So, since those two things freak Chris out, we switched and I drove the rest of the way. We arrived in Gulf Shores around 3:30 pm and checked in to our condo at Island Winds East. Its a nice two bedroom, two bath room that we are calling home for the week. Mom and Randy arrived not too much after us and then the fun began!! :) We went to dinner at the Oyster House on the Boardwalk...yummy seafood dinner!! And a great time chatting together. From there we made a Walmart run to get food and necessities for the week.

:: Friday, May 25 -- we woke up and hit the beach!! We spent some good time in the waves and on the beach; broke for lunch, and then back for more beach fun. It was a good day, and very relaxing. Then we saw an advertisement for a $10 dolphin cruise! So Randy called on it and we decided to go check it out. We drove to Orange Beach and got on the boat. It was an hour and a half ride, and halfway there the boat stopped and we saw the dolphin fins bobbing around. We all thought we would just be seeing that kind of thing, but then the boat started up and it made big wake...and then the dolphins began surfing in the wake!! It was so incredible, I can't wait to show you the photos!! Such fun. The guy on the boat told us that the dolphins enjoy the "free surfing" from their wake, and that they enjoy showing off! It was definitely worth the $10!!! So glad we did it. From there, we had dinner at Flippers on the dock -- more seafood! It was delicious. AFter another quick Walmart run, we headed back to the room and mom and I played Rummy while the others watched Bait Car :) Once mom and Randy went to bed, me, Chris and Aspen walked down the strip to shop in a few of the shops and check out The Hangout...that was a cool spot that was perfect for just that...hanging out. Will be going back with camera to take some pics there. We got back around 11:00, and Aspen watched a movie. Chris and I sat out on the balcony and listened to the waves crashing for a bit...that is one of my most favorite sounds. It is so peaceful and relaxing.

:: Saturday, May 26 -- so here we are!!! More to come....

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So happy for all of you ~ enjoy!!!

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