May 27, 2012

more vacay

:: Saturday, May 26 -- After getting up and having breakfast, we all headed down for a day at the beach. Lots of sun, lots of water, and lots of fun...and some sunburn :) We broke for lunch up at the condo, and then headed back out for more. Yesterday was interesting, in that for some reason a lot of dead fish washed up on the shore. We think a boat must have dumped their gunk not far from our shore. Nasty!!! Most of them were small, but one was huge and was just a head with dangly bits. Ewwww! We also saw a few jelly fish and an eel. Luckily no one was touched by any of these things. We all eventually became waterlogged and came back to the condo to take showers and get ready for the evening. We decided to walk down a few blocks to The Hangout, to check it out some more and have some dinner. It was very yummy and the atmosphere was fun and busy. We looked around and listened to the music for a bit and then headed back to play some farkle. Ahem...Mr. Randy won. Booo!! And I happened to come in lasttttt. After sitting on the balcony with my sweet hubby, we decided we had had all the fun we could for one day and headed for some sweet slumber. Another good vacay day!!!

:: Sunday, May 27 -- another day begins!!!!

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