May 16, 2012

wednesday's thoughts

:: Last night, we had dance...felt different having it on a Tuesday, but was good we didn't have to skip a week. We worked on more of the two step -- blending turns to get you reversing direction, and an underarm turn for the ladies. Tricky stuff! Sure doesn't feel natural yet, like our old (incorrect) two step did!! :) We'll get there. Dancing in my new dance shoes is fun!! A little tight in a few places, but the leather should stretch out nicely and form to my feet.

:: Felt very lethargic today for some I was moving through quick sand. Very slow in the brain area today. Needed a dose of energy big time!

:: Have been doing the 2 15 minute body pump workout sessions everyday, and decided today that it's probably not best to be working the same muscles every day. They need time to rest. Think I'll go to Mon/Wed/Fri and do something different the other days. I can feel some muscles forming, so that's nice. After being such a bum for so long, anything will be an improvement!!

:: I'm going to try to do a little more in my travel scrapbook this evening! Have to keep the momentum going!!! The cover looks like it was the most time intensive, so the rest shouldn't take as long.

:: Halfway into Mockingjay now, the third book in the Hunger Games series. It's getting good now! I am excited to see how she finishes up the story. If you haven't read the trilogy, I recommend it!!!

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