June 12, 2012

another day

:: Today  I went to visit a friend who is ill...it was good to see her.

:: Father's Day and Chris' birthday are coming up...Chris informed us that he does not want any gifts. Instead, he wants us to donate the money we would spend on any gifts to help raise money for water wells in Africa. Isn't he the best!? http://mycharitywater.org/cbaber is where we have to go - he has an account and all money he raises goes toward water. Can you imagine not being able to go to the faucet in your kitchen to get clean drinking water? Or to buy all those bottles of water at the grocery store?? This is a basic need that we all have. If you care to donate, just go to the link website above and know you'll be contributing to a wonderful cause!

:: NBA Finals have begun -- Chris is for the Heat and I am for the Thunder. Game on!!!

:: Fish sticks, fries, and mac and cheese for dinner...gourmet cook here!

:: I saw my first hummingbird this evening!! Unfortunately my feeder was empty of nectar!!!! So it is filled up now and come back my little hummer!!!!

:: Finished the third Bailey Flannigan book...now I need to get my fourth and final one. Next on the reading list!!!

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