June 11, 2012


:: Had an interesting experience today...on my drive back to work after lunch, I had just pulled up to a stop sign before crossing the highway. A car was headed to the street I was on, blinker going, but not slowing down. I was very concerned that it was going to hit me when it turned because it would lose control, so I was watching it closely. It turned and drove on, not sure how. Then I turned my attention back to my windshield and saw a different car spinning out of control, heading across the road in front of me. It hit a pole to my right and then ended up flipping upside down. I was in shock! I pulled over and called 911 while another car pulled over and got out to go to check on the car. I had never called 911 before, that was interesting. The crew arrived within 2 minutes and they got the woman out pretty easily. She was talking and moving and didn't seem in grave danger. Meanwhile, a truck that had witnessed the accident followed the car that drove off and got its license plate number and talked to the guy. He said that car had been following him very closely for awhile and he wasn't sure what was going on. Those guys and I stayed to give our witness accounts to the police. On the news, we saw that the woman who's car flipped had been texting and driving and hadn't realized that the guy in front of her was turning. TEXTING!!!!!!!!! Please, if you text and drive, please please stop. It's so dangerous! If you haven't watched Seven Pounds with Will Smith, you should rent it right now!

:: Beyond that, the day was uneventful!

:: Watched The Bachelorette this evening...Emily told 'em what was up!! Now Aspen is watching Titanic...it's really quite cheesy. All those people who saw it 12 times when it came out!

:: Chris is doing research to see how to build a pondless waterfall for our backyard. Since our landscaper doesn't seem to want to come and finish what was on our blueprint!

:: That's all I have...boring tonight!!

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