June 10, 2012

very good weekend

As promised, here are two photos of my new hair! Darker underneath with lighter highlights throughout. I am really loving it! And more than anything I am loving that I no longer have any gray hair :)
Here is a full shot...the camera didn't capture it to the full extent -- it's a little more noticeable in person I think.
The cover of my travel album...I'm almost done with it!!
A sample of the inside -- it's such a cute album. I can't wait to call this done and show you more!
We have had a good weekend! Friday Chris and I went to dinner at Rosa's and then saw Snow White and the Huntsman...it was very good we both thought! Saturday, I scrapbooked all day with my girlies and got lots done on my album. Saturday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Skeets and then did the grocery shopping. Sunday was church and cleaning and laundry and yard work. Now getting ready for the new week ahead...

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Love the album ~ it is so you!
Like the hair too ~ once having gone color you will continue forever!


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