June 08, 2012

crazy week

Hello there...yes, this week has been weird! I have been busy every evening! Thus the blog has suffered. My apologies!

Last night we had a Better Business Bureau dinner and auction, and that was fun. We had a good group from work to sit with and the food was pretty good. From there, we went to our dance class and did a review on the waltz, the rumba, the swing, and the cha cha. It's hard to keep track of everything we are learning. :)

Today is finally Friday!! Not sure what we'll do this evening, but tomorrow is the crop and I can't wait!! I have two projects that I am thrilled to work on.

I also had Chris take some pics of my hair this morning...I will try to upload them and get them onto here this weekend so you can see :)

More when I can!!

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