June 04, 2012


Had a good Monday here...though I do miss my hubs!! Life just is never the same without him. A little quiet ME time is always nice, but HE is out there in San Diego in the beautiful weather and the beach!! :)

Watching The Bachelorette -- have missed a few weeks but so easy to pick right back up on.

Had dinner tonight with Anna, at Olive Garden. Yummy! She is a younger girl in Chris' department, and we had a nice evening chatting together.

Watched the MTV Movie Awards last night, and really just sat there disgusted for most of it. Good gosh, I am getting old. Really??? All that crap and crude behavior is what we are supposed to find funny these days? Ug.

Just saw an Old Navy commercial -- and Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block was on there singing the jingle? Has he really sold out to that??  And to think I wanted to marry him back in the day :)

I've got two adorable pups laying on the couch with me, keeping me company...love my pups!!!!

Getting my hair did tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye grays!!!!

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