June 03, 2012

back to normal - almost

We worked on Friday, and got things caught up for the most part. Had fun chatting with our coworkers and catching up with them too. And then...a weekend! :)

Friday evening, we went to dinner at Casa with Neeley, Lauren and Jill...good times!

Saturday, Neeley and Chris worked on the shop and I had a wonderfully relaxing day. I went to Hobby Lobby and wandered around for an hour or so, buying things with my birthday gift card from my coworkers. Yay! Got some good stuff! Then came home and piddled around the house and watched Friends. After they were done working, Chris and I went to Pizza Inn for dinner and then came home and worked on the bills.

Sunday, we ended up skipping church because Chris had a lot of things to do before he left on his business trip. Got everything ready and he left for the airport a little after 1:00. He was wheels up at 2:00 and they have a few hour flight ahead of them until they get to San Diego. They'll be there for a conference until Wednesday. I have been working on my recipes. I have so many, and am not really sure how to keep them all organized. They are in so many formats -- torn from magazines, printed from emails, printed from my recipe software, recipe cards. How do you all handle it? I would love to hear ideas on what works for you. I made some progress today, and am happy with that. For now.

I need to get ready now and head to the grocery store for the week. The week ahead is pretty full...

:: Monday evening, I'm having dinner with a friend.
:: Tuesday evening, I'm getting my hair done.
:: Wednesday evening, I have bunko!
:: Thursday evening, we have a BBB dinner and then we have dance class.
:: Saturday, I have the monthly scrapbook crop!

Busy busy -- but all fun stuff!!!

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