May 31, 2012

random picture show!

Chris, me, Randy, and Mom at the Gulf Shores Pier.
Aspen and Chris before dinner one evening.
Aspen and Chris entering The Hangout.
Aspen and Chris in a fighter jet at the Naval Aviation museum.
Me and Aspen in the surf.
Aspen's first time in the ocean!
The Baber footsies!
Mom, Aspen, and me in the huge chair at The Hangout.
The huge bird at the pier that scared mom!!
My hot hubby on the beach!
Our condo, Island Winds East -- very nice!
Us being silly before dinner!
Aspen borrowing Randy's mask!
We loved the dolphins!!!
They were such big showoffs!!!
Me and my man at the Naval Aviation museum...
Me and Chris at the Pensacola pier.
This is pretty much what I looked like all week -- wet braid and cowboy hat!
Me and mom on our first evening -- tired girls from all the travel!
The lighthouse in glad we climbed the 177 stairs to see the view from the top!
Me and mom in our matching pink shirts!!
Mom, Aspen and Chris on the pier.
Mom and Randy entering the pier.
Mom and Randy on the boat to see the dolphins.
The cute couple!
Randy, Chris and I on the dolphin boat.
Randy and Chris in front of the taxi at The Hangout.
Mr. and Mrs. Venable...
There was beautiful scenery every direction you looked!
Gorgeous sunset seen from The Hangout.
The whole gang!
Tough guys!!
The beautiful view from the top of the Pensacola worth it!!

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys to have a wonderful vacation together. Loved the dolphins too - awesome. Now the scrapbook!!!

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