May 30, 2012

final vacay

:: Tuesday, May 29 -- we packed up all of our stuff and got everything in the car. We definitely left with way more stuff than we came with!! We got everything ready in the condo, and checked out around 10:30. With one last look at the water, we got on the road. We programmed the GPS for New Orleans and started on our way. Along the way, Chris wanted to stop in to the little town of Bayou La Batre, which Chris thought was the birth place of Forrest Gump. We thought they might have something about that there, or at least have a Bubba Gump's restaurant! But no...nothing about it at all. Mimi later texted us and confirmed that it was BUBBA that was from Bayou La Batre - Forrest was from South Carolina. We did get to see a working draw bridge while there, and had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant called Ole Mary's. Then we got back on the road, and after some discussion we decided that we didn't really want to go to New Orleans. We were ready to just turn the car toward home. We drove and drove and drove and drove...I drove the first batch since there were all of the bridges and high overpasses. Then Chris took over and got us back to the Baber compound around 3:00 a.m. Very very long day in the car, but it was so nice to sleep in our own beds and to see our pups!!!! And now we have two full days of vacation left to spend here at home, before we go back to work. Yay!!!

Such a wonderful vacation with family!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it!! We took about 340 photos, so I am excited to go through them all and pick out the ones to include in my fun travel scrapbook that is all ready and waiting for our memories! :) I will post photos here when I get them ready, so you can see some of our fun!!!

Thanks to Mom and Randy for including us in their fun trip!!!!!!!!!!!

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