June 24, 2012

weekend update

:: Friday -- Chris and I went to dinner at Szchuan's and enjoyed wonderful conversation together. Love my man! :) Then we bummed around town -- went to Kohl's and found a cute pair of shoes, and then to Books a Million where I bought the fourth book in the Bailey Flannigan series. Once I get done with House Rules, that will be my next one.

:: Saturday -- Chris worked with Neeley on the shop, and began working on the fountain. They bought some huge boulders (HUGE) and had some tractor fun trying to move them around and into place. I had a full day -- picked Aspen up from the church where she was helping at a garage sale and brought her home; about an hour later, took her to a wedding and then went to PetSmart with the two pups to get their nails trimmed; then home; then back out to Lowes for the boyes, then home; put too many miles on the car yesterday! In between, I added photos to our digital frame, and backed up 2 years of photos onto CD. I did some preplanning for the retreat in July; I made the grocery list; I scrapbooked. Whew!!! Around 9:00, the boys stopped working and we were finally able to go eat at 10:00!! We ended up at Rosa's since they are open until midnight.

:: Sunday -- after church, we had a quick lunch at Taco Bell and then I went grocery shopping. While the boys are working on more of the fountain, I've been scrapbooking. And watching Friends!!! :)

:: Another week begins tomorrow...fairly slow week ahead thankfully!!!

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