June 25, 2012

today was a normal day

:: It has been a full week now since I have had a Dr. Pepper...ug! I actually had a very good week overall -- had one treat with Chris on Friday evening at Nikki's. Frozen yogurt isn't the worst I could have done, that's for sure!! Every time I hear a soda top pop though, oh my! I am feeling good though, taking it one day at a time. Feeling stronger in my ability to resist. It's possible that I could see a Clean Eating resurgence in my future. One day at a time.

:: House Rules is getting very good! I don't know very much about Asperger's, but it has been so interesting to read about it.

:: Poppy has been very lovey this evening. She's been snuggling next to me as I watched The Bachelorette. She's a cutie pie! Now Ocho is laying on his blanket at my feet...he's my blog buddy!

:: I found out some exciting news over the weekend!!! Chris and my 5th anniversary is coming up on August 4th, and he has been planning a trip for us. He has been very secretive about it, and has been giving me lots of random clues for about a week. On Sunday, he said he wanted me to try to guess, so that we can plan the rest of the trip together. So I collected all my clues and did some Google work...and finally guessed Napa Valley!!! And yes, that is where we'll be going!!!! I can't believe it...that is going to be an amazing trip!!!! There is no one I would rather go with. He is my life and my love!!!

:: Made homemade pizza tonight and it was yummy. Lots of leftovers too, for lunch. Whole wheat crust, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms and green onion. Mmmmm.

:: I wore my new shoes today and received a lot of compliments...that is always nice!!!

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