June 26, 2012


:: Made pasta con broccoli for dinner tonight and it was delicious!! Even better than my first attempt! I think you would've been proud, Pat!!

:: Chris worked on our fountain a little this evening...got the pump and such ready, and determined where he wants the water to trickle. Now to figure out the final touches and get the river rock in there and the border stones. Pictures to come, once it's done!

:: I put my hummingbird feeder outside of my scrapbook room window, and have seen some hummers! Yay! I love those little guys!

:: Since Chris and I have been car pooling, it's typically 5:45 or 6:00 by the time we leave work in the evenings...typically I have been using that time to look at Pinterest...I decided that I could also use that time to workout in the Pit. That way, I get my workout in, and it's a done deal before we even get home. I like that! Tried it out for the first time this evening, and it worked great!! I walked on the treadmill -- gotta have that cardio to lose the pounds.

:: We have been blessed with casual dress days for the rest of the week! It has been over 100 degrees so far this week, and there's more of the same for the rest of it. Gotta find some cool, comfy clothes!

:: I don't think I have appropriate clothing for our upcoming trip to Napa Valley! I might need to buy a few things. Though I really don't want to buy clothes for the size I am now, but what else can I do? I have a very casual wardrobe, or business. Not much in between, and not much classy!!!

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Ah, Pat's Pasta Con Broccoli ~ bet it was yummy!

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