June 27, 2012


:: This evening, we opened a bottle of strawberry wine from Chris' second batch that he made...he wanted to test it and see what it tasted like. It needs to stay in the bottle awhile longer, but oh my!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so delicious, I absolutely loved it!!!! This is the sweetest wine he has made, and might be the only wine I end up liking...but I have 30 bottles of this yummy one to drink :) Great job hubby!!!!!

:: SYTYCD was so good tonight...we are finally to the top 20!! It is going to be a great season, there are so many great dancers. Not sure who my favorite is quite yet. But I am ready to watch!!!

:: Aspen is going to Six Flags tomorrow with her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend. The boyfriend is driving them, 3 hours each way to Dallas. Please say a little prayer for their safety.

:: While you are praying, you might also lift up our coworker Alvino. He is an amazing man, and he is having brain surgery tomorrow morning. They found an aneurism in his brain, and are going to operate on it. Anytime you deal with the human brain, it's scary business. You just never know.

:: Another quiet day...the week is moving along slowly. But, I will take that!

:: Ocho hasn't been feeling well the last few days...he's the sort of dog who eats anything he sees on the ground, so there is no telling what he ate. I gave him some of his stomach medicine, so hopefully that will help.

:: Made a delicious pork stir fry this evening for dinner, with salad and pineapple. It was very yummy if I do say so myself! Looking forward to a quick dinner tomorrow - fish sticks, fries, and mac & cheese. It's dance night!!!!

:: p.s. still no Dr. Pepper. Or junk. Working on those two things and then will add in more strictness. Little steps.


Kim :) said...

Great job on the no Dr Pepper! That is hard to do! You're doing great. And getting your workout done while waiting on Chris afterwork, way to go!

We are parying for Alvino! Scary stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

Definitely praying for Alvino! Please let me know how he's doing.

I'm also enjoying SYTYCD but that blonde judge gets on my nerves a bit sometimes. I really like Cyrus but don't know if he's got what it takes to win. You know?

Jackie T.

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