July 01, 2012


Hi! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I went to dinner with Greg, Lauren, and Jill at Casa...yummy and fun! Then we went back to Lauren's house and had some drinks and chatted for awhile. It was nice to just relax and hang out.

:: Saturday, Chris and Neeley worked all day -- they made a trip to Lowes and framed out four more windows. I did laundry, made the grocery list, and cleaned half the house. Then Chris and I went to eat at Skeets, which was delicious. Then did the grocery shopping and headed home.

:: Sunday, after a church meeting and church service, we ran a few errands and then got back to work. Chris and Neeley worked more on our fountain, and then carpeted the platform in the theater room. It's all complete now! They still have some work to do on the fountain, but it's close! I finished cleaning the house, watched SYTYCD, and finished "House Rules"...it was very good, but I must say, quite predictable. I figured out how she was going to end it very early on, and then was disappointed at the end because I would have liked a little more wrap up. It ended very abruptly.

:: Full week ahead!!! Tuesday is Chris' 38th birthday!! Woo hoo!! :) And Wednesday is the 4th of July, which means no work for us! Yay! Kim asked us if they could come out to our house to shoot off fireworks, since we are out of the city limits. So we decided to have a party!!! We invited both of our departments, so we will see who decides to come. Could be a big group, but they'll be bringing their own chairs, and own fireworks! And we'll have desserts and snacks, and some people will bring those. Should be fun!!

:: Still no Dr. Pepper -- think I am good there! And no junk for two weeks. Had one treat each week, that was it. Now that I feel a little more under control, it's time to tighten the ropes a bit this week. What shall I do? More fruits and veggies, less processed food, less bread?

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