July 02, 2012

monday again

:: Monday was good...my boss is back from his vacation and it was fun listening to his stories. We caught up on the week he missed, and tomorrow it's back to normal.

:: Had a yummy lunch with Kim at Subway...it's always nice to spend an hour with her chatting about our lives. Even as close as we are, it's still difficult to keep up with everything and know everything that's going on. So it's good to catch up.

:: Enjoying some blackberry jam that a friend made...oh it is yummy! Blackberries are my favorite to begin with... :)

:: The Bachelorette was good tonight! I'm happy she sent Chris home. I have been for Ari from the beginning, but I am starting to like Jef too. I could see her with both of them.

:: Tomorrow is Chris' birthday!!!!! So excited to celebrate my man's 38th!!!!!

:: A new favorite coworker turned in her notice today, and I was sad to see her go. Life takes us in different directions and all we can do is listen to where God wants to lead us. She is listening and I will miss her....

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