July 04, 2012

chris' 38th birthday

The birthday boy!! #38 for him this year! Looking studly as ever...
Chris with Aspen and his mom
Chris with Aspen
Chris and Mimi
Me and my sweet hubby!
Aspen and Anna
Jon and Nadene
Kyle and Kelsey
Lauren and Greg
The "surprise party" gang!
Blowing out the candles on his bread pudding!
My hubby turned 38 on Tuesday, July 3rd. It was a good day!!

This year, instead of gifts, he requested that we make donations to mycharitywater.org. The money would go toward building a water well in Africa, which gives fresh clean water to those who have none. We thought this was such a selfless thing for him to do. We donated, and also got him a few little gifts...a bag full of big kit kat bars, a gift card to Starbucks, and a gift card to the indoor shooting range so he can shoot his gun.

I told Chris to be ready by 6:30, but wouldn't tell him what we were doing. So, we got home from work, and he got ready, and we went out front to take birthday photos. It was about 6:25 and I went in to get "ready"...however, I was really just stalling, because the "surprise party" was going to be showing up at 6:30!

In they came! Kyle, Kelsey, Greg, Lauren, Anna, Jon, and Nadene...Chris' reaction...

"That pizza guy looks like Kyle...why are we having pizza?? wait, that is Kyle...and Kelsey...and...what??"

Then he started to figure it out! We weren't going out to dinner like we typically do for birthdays. Instead, I had invited a few close friends over, and we were going to have pizza and bread pudding from Famous Daves, and just hang out and celebrate Chris! I think he was thrilled with the evening and I am so glad that we were able to pull off the surprise!!

Happy birthday to the most amazing man...I am blessed beyond words to be sharing life with him. This is the tenth birthday we have celebrated together! So crazy. Chris -- I love you with all of my heart!!!

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