July 05, 2012

back to the hospital

:: Our 4th of July party was so fun!!! I will have a post soon complete with photos...but not tonight.

:: Today, at 3:15, Chris and I left work, picked Mimi up, and took her to her doctor. For the past two days, she has been vomiting and moaning in pain. Stomach cramps, lots of pain. I called her doctor today and got the appointment, and we loaded her in the car and headed that way. We are not fans of her doctor, who barely speaks english and spent no time with her. Didn't ask her any questions. Spent  a minute and a half with her and told her she was dehydrated and needed to be admitted to the hospital. But, there were no rooms available at the hospital, so he told us to go to the ER. So off we went. Went through the long process of getting her checked in, and then finally got her into a room. The whole medical field is on slow motion, and that becomes very frustrating after awhile. They did xrays and ran blood tests and got her started on liquids. Gave her pain meds for her stomach. Waited and waited. Finally, a new nurse came in and told us that she was being admitted, because she was dehydrated and because she has an infection. I asked her what infection, and she said that her colon is backed up and she will very possibly need surgery in the morning. She had colon surgery about 10 years ago, so we shall see what comes about in the morning.

We left the hospital at 8:00 (while she was still waiting for a room), and got something quick to eat and headed home. The hospital is clear across town, so there will be lots of driving in our near future.

I will keep you posted...

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