July 07, 2012

our 4th of july party

Hanging out at our 4th of July party - Gary, Chris, Kevin, and Anna
Me and my hubby
Joshua enjoyed the festivities!
The Halfmanns - Gary, Brandon and Kim
Zack and Rosalee - Joshua's parents (Zack is in Chris' department)
Adorable Ryeli! She had a blast and couldn't be cuter in that fedora!!
Me and my bestie!
Some girlies from my department -- Jyl (with Olivia), Susie, and Allison!
Lauren (Greg's girlfriend) and Terri (Kevin's wife)
Terri and Kevin (Kevin is in my department)
Jill - a friend of Lauren's that we have grown to love!
Kelsey and Cyanna -- Kim's daughter and her best friend
Kristie and Scott - Ryeli's parents, and Scott is in Chris' department
Aspen and Olivia -- they had great fun together!
We had such a great time on the 4th of July!! We invited the Marketing department and the MIS department (plus a few special others!) to join us at our house for a relaxed get together. Since we live outside the city limits, we were able to shoot off fireworks. We had about 25 people come, and we ate desserts and snacks and enjoyed the fireworks show from the comfort of our driveway. But most importantly, we enjoyed the fellowship with all of these great people!

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