July 08, 2012

hot and full weekend

:: Hot here...right at 100 all weekend. Not as hot as it is in St. Louis right now though! Chris and Neeley worked out in the heat all weekend. It's hard to keep them hydrated and cool...they worked on the pondless waterfall some more and got started planting all of the landscaping that will go back there in the flower beds. I've attached an in-progress pic here for you to see.

:: We've visited Mimi at the hospital every day...she is feeling better, but they are still working on her. They have her dehydration under control, and are giving her antibiotics and pain meds. The blockage they show in the ER xray has gotten better each day, so they are hopeful that they can handle this with medication instead of surgery. They say that she is too frail for surgery, and has too much scar tissue. So we shall see. Her weight is down to 114 and that is not good. She is skin and bone! Today she was able to eat clear foods like chicken broth and 7up. She has not eaten since the 4th, and could not drink either since they had a tube down her throat sucking up all the crud that is stuck in her stomach. As long as she was able to keep that down this afternoon, they should be able to remove the tube. One day at a time.

:: Got my oil changed yesterday in the Murano, that took a little time as they were fairly busy. Started my next book (the 4th and last book in the Bailey Flannigan series)...well into it now, and it's very good. I'll be sad when the series is over! Stopped at Office Max to buy ink for the printer. Ate at Taco Casa twice, and Duetchlanders for catfish. Did many loads of laundry. Watched many episodes of Friends. Sized some photos. Made the grocery list and grocery shopped. Gave two unhappy chihuahuas baths and now they smell like apples :) Here in a little bit, will try to take Aspen out so she can practice her driving. Lord, give me the patience.

:: Crazy busy week ahead. All of our sales managers from around the country will be in town for the July sales meeting. About 45 of them! It will be a week full of meetings and requests, and Thursday we will have our summer company party called the Dig Gig. It is a red neck theme this year, so that should be interesting!! Wednesday I will go to bunko, and then Saturday/Sunday I am hosting the July retreat at our house! Two days of scrappy fun! I am looking forward to the time with my girls!!! We also have a meeting at church on Sunday regarding youth camp, which Aspen will be going to the week of July 23.

Whew...maybe I need a nap!

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