July 09, 2012

just a quick post

:: Crazy week has begun...though today was the least...tomorrow it all begins! :)

:: Mimi had a good day in the hospital today. She is going to the bathroom now, and the doctors feel they know what was going on. They said that her bowels were paralyzed because she was so dehydrated. The dehydration caused the vomiting and then lead to the paralyzed bowels. She was told that she is to stop drinking all of the Dt. Coke that she drinks each week (five 3 liters a week by herself). They told her that she needs to switch to caffeine free at the least and really start drinking lots of water. Hopefully she will take their words to heart. It is possible that she will be able to come home tomorrow.

:: The Bachelorette was good this evening...we are happy with Jef and Arie for the final. I am going for Arie, though I really like them both. Aspen is going for Jef.

:: We got some rain last night finally...and a bit more today. We have chances for it the rest of the week too...our ground sure needs it!

:: Dance tomorrow...instead of Thursday...we have our company party Thursday, so dancing tomorrow...looking forward to it since we missed last week...

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