March 23, 2015

:: It has been a great Monday off work!

:: Today, I slept in just a bit, did all of the laundry, made the grocery list, did the grocery shopping, picked up a wedding shower gift. I also tried to get my car washed, but as the first real Spring weather we've enjoyed, the line at the car wash was insanely long. So passed on that.

:: The weekends of traveling are ruining my food plan -- back on track back on track. I can not allow myself to be derailed, because then it is a swift downfall from there.

:: I was finally able to find some new black heels for work yesterday -- my current pair, the black heel has completely fallen off, and they are torn to shreds. I am too hard of a walker it seems. They are so bad, I have been too embarrassed to wear them. So, now, on to a new pair!

:: I also found a really cute dress for work and for Aruba (same dress) the way it fits, and can't wait to wear it.

:: Chris' second scuba certification went well last night...and his final part will take place next weekend at the Balmorhea State Park. He will have two lake dives on Saturday and two on Sunday. Then his certification will be complete, and he will be able to dive in Aruba!

:: I'm off to make dinner - steak kabobs, brown rice pasta with pesto sauce, and salad...and we will be dining on the back porch, since today is absolutely gorgeous!

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