March 24, 2015

:: My first day back today wasn't so bad...I was able to get caught up pretty quickly, and then I plugged through some to-do's...

:: Did a cardio and ab workout, and then waited for Chris to get done with his 6 mile run with Steven. Then, we came home to a new crockpot recipe from my new The Paleo Kitchen cookbook -- Tomatillo Chicken. It was pretty tasty! I served the family's over wild rice, and served it with green beans. Yum!!

:: Chris is about to begin working on our taxes -- oh joy.

:: Mimi received a second Stitch Fix today -- it was a little disappointing :( They sent her tiny skinny jeans that were way too small. She got some jeans in her first fix, and they fit perfectly. She also got two sleeveless shirts, after very specifically requesting none of those because she never shows her arms. And one of those sleeveless shirts was completely backless and kind of hoochie -- she also specifically stated her age! Not sure what the stylist was thinking. Her other two pieces were a plain black cardigan which is ok, but she just purchased one for her New York trip so she doesn't need that. And the other piece was a coral color silky shirt, and she'll most likely keep that one. Kind of blah on this fix. I am excited for my next one though, but have not scheduled it yet. I have $50 more dollars in credit, and should be getting a $35 gift card from the office crew for my birthday :) Weeee!

:: It's wedding season -- the invites are coming in for all these youngins. Went to the wedding over the weekend, then have one coming up in May and then two in July (on the same date!). I love seeing all the save the date cards and invitations...and the one we got for the May wedding had the most beautiful hand lettered envelope where our address took up the entire envelope! So cute.

:: Catching up on The Voice tonight...still don't have any favorites yet, but am enjoying the season.

:: The Walking Dead is getting crazy again -- the season finale is next week! Should be very interesting. And then we will have so very long to wait until the next season. We also won't be home to watch the finale, so we will have to be careful on social media so we don't see any spoilers.

:: Time to relax...

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