March 12, 2015

:: So happy my man is home!!! :)

:: Their flight was supposed to come in at 8:50 pm last night, but it ended up being around 9:30 pm. All went fine though, their luggage was there, and we hugged and made merriment!

:: For souveniers, Chris brought me a beautiful 9/11 Memorial mug that shows the Survivor Tree (the only tree left near the two buildings that they nursed back to health). Mimi brought me a gorgeous enamel donkey that I just love! And he opens, and inside was a necklace with a tiny donkey pendant! Just precious!

:: On the drive home from the airport, my Fusion did that weird "dying while driving" was freaky. The Wrench warning came on, and the Check Engine light. The car started up, but had weak power for the rest of the ride home. This morning, when I started the car, the warning was still showing, so I took it to the dealership. I left it there, and they are looking into it. They should have been able to see the error code since it was showing. Didn't hear anything about it today, so maybe tomorrow. A very nice woman driving the shuttle brought me to the office...I was about an hour late.

:: I was able to accomplish quite a few things on my to do list today, and that felt good. I am a "dooer" and when I can't mark things off my list because of so much other stuff, it makes me start to go crazy!

:: Just looked through over 500 New York photos with Chris and Mimi! They were able to see so much fun stuff! It was great to hear their stories...

:: Chris is doing some studying on his scuba stuff -- he took the written test so long ago, and now he's about to do the actual dive tests...needs to freshen up him memory on some things!

:: I'm reading through my new cookbook The Performance Paleo Cookbook -- trying to educate myself on how to fuel Chris for his training. I think this book will have some great insight!

:: Tomorrow is Friday and Casual Day! Have a happy day!

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