March 26, 2015

:: Thursday was good! I had a good meeting with my team, and marked things off my list. Overall, a success!

:: I had a great workout this evening -- I skipped the cardio and did a HIIT (high intensity interval workout) instead. Basically, do an exercise, jumping jacks, do an exercise, jumping jacks, on and on. It's continual with little rest. I felt really good doing it, and did three sets.

:: I made clam chowder for dinner, upon request from Mr. Baber! Must've been good, he had two big bowls!! I made a big spinach salad topped with smoked salmon for myself, and cooked a potato in some ghee and spices. Yum yum!!!

:: I signed up for my next Stitch Fix!! With my $50 of credit + birthday gift card (upcoming!), it was time :) I requested a purse that I had seen in other Fix reviews, I hope they still have it and can send it! Love it! I am also trying to get additional credits, and posted it again on Facebook. I also posted a photo of me in the dress and necklace I kept, so they could see what I was getting. I had about 50 Likes, so I am hoping to get at least a few to sign up and schedule a fix! My next fix should arrive on May 2.

:: We leave for Balmorhea tomorrow after work. It's about a 4 hour drive. Apparently, there is nothing at all in Balmorhea except the State Park. One lodge (where we are staying) and one restaurant. Not even a gas station! Could be interesting!! :) It is supposed to be in the upper 80s there all weekend, so I may be able to get some sun and maybe even get in the pool too. It's a spring fed, 30 ft deep pool, and the temperature is always the same -- somewhere like 72 degrees, I believe. We shall see. He'll do two dives each day, and we'll be back late Sunday. And then I have my final Monday least for awhile :) I've become quite a fan of this, and will be also taking Mondays off after the upcoming marathon weekend, as well as our car race weekend in October :) ha!

:: Ok, time to relax...ahhhh!

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Anonymous said...

You are becoming like me. With me it is Friday's. Now I am asked by co-workers, are you here Friday? Gotta love it! PTS

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