March 18, 2015

:: Today consisted of a VIP presentation (that arrived late and went into the lunch hour), a quick scramble home to feed the dogs and throw some quick food into my belly, and a two hour meeting with another visitor directly after.

:: I got my car back from the dealer today, so far so good. It feels good to have it back -- driving Chris' big truck gets old after awhile!! Especially in the Dallas traffic!!!

:: I had coffee with Aspen this evening -- it was good to see her. I let her lead our time together, and she was her bubbly self. She did a lot of the talking and I did a lot of the listening. We kept it casual and didn't get into anything serious.

:: Is anyone watching The Royals? I'm kind of intrigued so far :)

:: Chris ordered some custom corks for his wines -- Baber Cellars -- they look sooooo good :) Very excited!

:: I need to unwind...bye for now!

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