March 17, 2015

:: This morning, I dropped Chris off at the airport at 7:15 am -- he is off to San Fran until Friday. I headed to work after the airport and got there around 7:30. It was weird being there so early, but I definitely had enough work to get started early!

:: I had a very productive day, but had to close my office door to get it done.

:: I made a yummy chicken salad dinner for me and Mimi. I made hers the normal way, and I changed mine up quite a bit. Both were yum!

:: Now I am catching up on The Walking Dead -- interesting things happening.

:: And catching up on The Voice! (Mom -- Fancy!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!)

:: Still Alice is going really well -- it is already very sad, a 50 year old woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Scary. I'm barely in, and am hooked. Good book.

:: I had my yearly physical today with our nurse at work...all went well and she should have blood work results tomorrow.

:: I enjoyed St. Pat's Day today! Everyone wears my favorite color all at once, and it makes me smile :) I love being Irish!!

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