April 09, 2015

Hi there!

Today after work, I dropped Chris off to run home and then I made a pit stop to see Mr. Huck! He's a funny little fella -- after getting a petting, and letting me feed him some bright green mesquite leaves, he wandered over and got himself stuck between the fence, a cactus, and a tree trunk :) He makes me smile!
And birthday month has begun :) Today I received my gift from my mom, Randy and Roxy! Though I wanted to wait until closer to my birthday, she insisted...and I didn't put up too much of a fight!! Inside the box was this beautiful Brighton bracelet, and the best part is that my mom has a matching bracelet! How fun!! This will go with everything, and I need to find something to wear with it tomorrow!

Looking forward to Friday finally arriving -- long week. What are you doing this weekend???

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Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Huck made me smile!
CKC Scrapbook Convention tomorrow, Friday (off work!) with 4 friends...shop, shop, shop.
Love the bracelet - sweet of Mom!

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