April 13, 2015

Big D Marathon!

We had a great weekend in Dallas for the Big D Marathon!!

This was Chris' 13th full marathon! And we determined that it has been almost 4 years since he has fun a full 26.2 miles. He has done many half marathons over these years, but (except for the 40 miles on his 40th birthday) for whatever reason there have been no full marathons.

He was excited to get out there and see what he could do!

We headed to Dallas on Saturday morning...we went to Academy to pick up his race packet, and then found a Wasabi sushi restaurant for a delicious lunch!! Mmm. From there, we headed to downtown Dallas to check into our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Indigo, which was very nice (but a little stinky)! After relaxing for a bit and resting his legs, we decided to walk around downtown and see some sights before meeting our group for dinner.

We met the FDLIC group at Campisi's for dinner, and it was delicious! They have amazing pizza there, and Chris opted for pasta. It was a nice time with our small group, though it was very, very loud in the restaurant. A big thank you to our CEO for paying for our dinner!!!

Sunday morning, bright and early, we met the group in the lobby at 6:00 and made our way to the starting line about 10 minutes away. There were threats of thunderstorms, but thankfully it stayed away all day!! The weather, however, was extremely humid, and in the 60s...not ideal running conditions because it causes them to sweat so much. But, better than thunderstorms!

Besides Chris, we had Steven -- he was running the full marathon too and it was his first! We also had Ben who was running his first half marathon, and Miguell and his wife Brittany who were running their first half marathons as well. Everyone had a great race day, though the humidity did take its toll.

After cleaning up, we had lunch with Ben and his girlfriend Chelsea at a Mexican restaurant down the street from our hotel...and then we stopped at Central Market and World Market before heading home! It was a fun weekend!

Chris, chopstick master :)
This really made me smile! Our room at Hotel Indigo had a full wall of blueberry
wallpaper behind the bed! It was pretty crazy! Of everyone in our group that
stayed there, we were the only ones that had it!!
Me and my hubby in front of a beautiful rock waterfall downtown Dallas
Downtown, they were setting up for some big private party outside...and this was
an art installation they were creating...it was fun but kind of creepy too!
Our FDLIC runners Sunday morning before the race began!! Steven, Ben,
Chris, Miguell, and Brittany
This was at mile 7...he was feeling good and running strong! You can see how drenched his running clothes are though -- so humid! Also worth noting -- his white bib number. The Big D marathon messed up and assigned him a white HALF marathon bib. It should have been yellow the man's behind him. This caused some strife along the course as the volunteers were yelling at him to go the way of the half marathon course and he had to keep explaining that he was running the full. At the end, he also did not show up in the system as finishing, and had to tell them his time. It was all a bit frustrating for him. This is his second time running this one, and he's had issues both times...so he probably won't be signing up for this one again.
Chris had a good race, though not as good as he was hoping for. His goal was to run under 3:10 -- he was bummed with his time of 3:28, but I am so proud of him! He felt like in his training, he peaked about three weeks ago, so that was part of it. The humidity also played a big part, and he ended up cramping up in his legs and arms. It is difficult to stay hydrated when you are sweating so much out. It was so good to see him run another marathon, and his intensity and dedication are always an inspiration to me. He is the most driven person I know! He was 22nd overall in the whole marathon, out of almost 800 people -- what an accomplishment!!!!
Just for fun, I had to share this one :) While we waiting at the lake for the runners to come past (we were able to stay in one spot and see them at mile 7 and then again at mile 18 as they came back by), I captured this -- ha ha! Those two on the right are giving some heck to Mr. Mohawk!! Ha!!
So, Chris added full marathon #13's medal to his rack, and now to decide what comes next!! For now, he'll take about two weeks off running completely, to recover. Perfect timing, as we are about to head to Aruba for some relaxation!!!

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