April 15, 2015

Tuesday evening, my Marketing department enjoyed a fun evening at the ball park!!

We left the office at 3:45 and made our way to the airport. Loaded up and were on our quick flight to Arlington. We landed, got into our waiting rental car, and headed to the stadium. Parked in our reserved spot across from the entrance, and headed to Captain Morgan's for dinner!

We had a fun time while we ate, laughing and talking...I had the brisket tacos and they were yummy! Then we headed to our awesome seats in row 11 and 12 behind the visitor duggout, and watched a great game. The Rangers won 8-2, with a few home runs (and fireworks) thrown in! It was a bit chilly, so we were bundled in jackets...but that was so much nicer than sweating!!!

We played the Angels, so it was fun to see the Cardinal traitors -- Pujols and Freese!

Afterwards, we loaded back onto the plane and enjoyed the quick flight back to Abilene...I got home around 11:30. It was a fun time!! It's hard to say how many games I have enjoyed over the 13 years at FDLIC -- too many to count. It is fun to watch the newbies enjoy their first experience!!

Jessica P, Jessica M, Jeff, Heather, Susie, Shaylee (my new designer!), me, and Allison -- yep, Jeff and all the girls :) He had fun explaining the rules of the game to Heather!
Our crew in the seats...all a bunch of 4-eyes (in glasses) except for Jessica M!!
We are certainly very, very blessed by this amazing company we work for!!!

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Anonymous said...

Freese was traded. Pupils was the traitor.

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