May 10, 2015

ed sheeran!

So -- my birthday surprise!!

We headed toward Dallas, me with no idea what we were doing! I was dying of anticipation! :)

We arrived in Arlington, and checked in at the Hyatt Place right by Six Flags -- we were able to see the roller coasters from our room! We took showers and got ready, and then Chris cracked open some Grape Creek wine and we had a toast. Then he sat me down so that he could read a poem to me, that he had written, called To was incredibly sweet! I'm going to keep it to myself as a special memory of my own :)

The poem did give away our plans for the evening...we had two tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert!!! Ed Sheeran is my favorite, and I did not even know that he was touring in the U.S.! We had amazing seats!! Row Q of the section right in front of the stage!! Ed was sooo close! I was so excited! What an incredible gift from my hubby -- he is the sweetest!!

Me upon receiving the tickets! That's an awfully big smile :)
Waiting in line at the theater, waiting to get in...we were surrounded by hipsters (age 15-25)...
a tad out of place?? Ha maybe. But that's ok! We are young at heart! There were some
older people there...parents of the hipsters!! Ha! And a few others too...Ed is awesome!
Excited about the tank that I bought! I had to stand in a crazy mob of people to get it but that's ok!
Me during our quick pizza dinner at the theater, waiting to get in to our seats...
Ed was an amazing one man show...he was the only person on stage for two solid hours.
He had two microphones...and when he sang or made sounds into one, it would feed back and play with him, creating a multi-layered was incredible! He was fantastic live!
The screen show behind him was very fun too!
I was able to zoom in on some of the screens to get a decent shot of his face...
he was just slightly too far away for my phone to pick him up in person!
After the concert, we stopped at Denny's for some was pouring rain like
we haven't seen in a long time, and we were drenched running to the restaurant! This is
an elevator shot of us back the wet hair drying naturally :) And Chris' sad lip :)
What a birthday was an incredible evening with my love! He isn't necessarily a fan of Ed but he doesn't really know his music. After the concert, I believe he is now a fan!!! He has such a giving heart, and he loves planning a good surprise! I think he was about to bust with excitement, and he was so nervous reading the poem to me...he is the sweetest blessing God could ever dream up for me...I am thankful for him everyday!

Yay Ed Sheeran!!!

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