May 11, 2015

Well hello!

Today will just be a regular post -- haven't had one of those in awhile because I have had so much to share recently!

:: First things first...I want to introduce you to someone! :) You actually already know him...remember my little donkey Huck that I visit?? Well, I recently visited him, and met his owners! They were a cute, young family with two little kids, and the man came over to talk to me. He said that his name is...Gus Buttons! :) Regardless of his name, he is still such a little cutie! He told me that Gus really loves the yellow flowers that are growing right now, so I need to visit and feed him some!

:: We had a nice Mother's Day here...just another day really. I did the grocery shopping and on my way home, came across a yard that had six mini donkeys :) So that was fun, because they come to the fence to visit me! We did hear from Aspen for Mother's Day, so that was unexpected and nice. Hope all you mammas out there had a lovely day celebrating you!

:: It was back to work today, and there was quite a bit to catch up on. Throw in a little stress and it was back to the norm.

:: That being said, I am currently enjoying a delicious glass of moscato d'asti! Mimi's boyfriend Eddie introduced us to a very yummy brand called DiCello -- it is sweet goodness!

:: Speaking of Mimi and Eddie, things are going really well on that front! She went to Decatur to visit him a few weekends ago, and they had a nice time together. That is where he is lives, about 3 hours away. This past weekend, they went up to Amarillo to visit Mimi's sister Pat who was put in the hospital...and Eddie drove here to get her, then they went up together. Mimi is planning to head to Decatur again this weekend. Ahhhh, young love ;)

:: Watching The Voice -- still rooting for Sawyer or them both!

:: I've been working on my scrapbook-for-hire...just keeping all my mess out and working on it here and there when I can. I've gotten 12 pages done so far...plugging right along!

:: Chris and I saw Age of Adeline -- it was a good movie with a nice story. I'd call it a renter though! I also really want to see Insurgent (the second Divergent movie) but Chris has no interest in that one. So I will wait for it to come out on Red Box and then watch it in our theater here. He really wants to see the new Mad Max movie that is coming out this Thursday :) And beyond that, I am curious to see what Aloha is about with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams...looks cute!

:: I have yet to begin a new book since finishing the Divergent trilogy...I was so invested in those characters and I just don't feel ready to take on any new ones quite yet. Is that weird? Does anyone else feel that way about books? In the meantime, I've been playing solitaire...I didn't play at all while reading the trilogy. Solitaire also helps with stress. My next book club book is Love Does, but I can't begin it yet. Just not ready. I do have The Girl on the Train to up.

:: Time to relax -- solitaire!!

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