May 19, 2015

:: Hello! It's Tuesday! That means The Voice finale is about to begin!!! Who will win? I'm calling for Sawyer to win, but I also love Meghan...AND I am excited to see Ed Sheeran perform during the show!

:: Work was good today, I was able to get some tedious work done that's been on the back burner...

:: Tonight, we had a crockpot meal from our meal swap -- red pepper chicken served over rice, with steamed was yummy!

:: My book club book for May -- Love Does -- is going slowly. Too slowly for our club meeting next Tuesday! But that's ok! It's a collection of stories, and I don't feel it is necessary to finish all of them before the get together...I am on the 10th story out of 30, and honestly, I am feeling like all of the stories are pretty similar, with the same overall message. So, I can maybe just fit a story or two in here and there. Between my other reading.I am fine with that!

:: I started reading The Maker's Diet today...time to get back on track with my nutrition reading and learning. In the vein of complete honestly, I can divulge that I have some food issues -- mainly, if I don't have something that I am working toward, it is SO EASY for  me to slack off...and then once I slack off, it's all hell breaking loose. I hate this. I can be extremely disciplined, but then when I don't have to be, I am at the complete other end of the spectrum. This one thing about myself, above all else, is something for me to concentrate on. Why can't I have a treat without going completely off track??? The more knowledge I have, the better equipped I will be as I continue my struggle.

:: Beyond that, I think I am going to start The Girl on the Train...I'm ready, the Divergent series has run its course from my system! :)

:: So there is my book report, ha! Beyond that, I don't have much to report! Just need to start figuring out what I plan to work on at the crop this weekend!! I haven't been able to attend a crop since our February retreat, so I am super excited!! I think I have a few preplanned pages leftover, and I can work on those...then I might size a lot of photos for printing. I need a break from my scrapbook-for-hire, get those creative juices rejuvenated!

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