May 20, 2015

:: Rain...more rain...oi! And we got down in to the 50s today! That was a shock when I walked out at lunch time to be sure! This is the weirdest weather I've ever experienced here. Usually, by now, we are in the 90s and there is no rain in sight for months. My umbrella has gotten more use this year than ever before.

:: Currently, I am sitting on the couch with my laptop in my lap, with two little dogs curled up next to me. A fun new tradition...I bought a fuzzy peach blanket a few months ago, and every time I get it out, both dogs want to be with me. It's pretty funny! They were curled up on Mimi's bed, then they heard the drawer with the blanket open and close, and then there they are at my feet, wanting up! Love it! Love my pups.

:: This evening was good...I had my first mentorship session with sweet Nadene. I have to say, I love that woman. She is just as real as it gets. I know for sure that my time with her is going to be blessed, and that she will help me grow in a number of ways. I am so humbled that she has agreed to do this, and tonight was perfect. We each shared our faith journeys, and discussed some things we want to focus on or think about moving forward. God definitely knew what he was doing when he prompted my heart to ask her...

:: Work was good -- we had our second interview for the marketing assistant position that we have open, and we were very pleased with her again. We are going to give her a try and I am excited to see what she brings to the table.

:: I did a few scrapbook pages last night while I watched The Voice (thanks to prompting from Kim, ahem) -- got three done! That's pretty good for one short evening!

:: Guess that is about all I've got!! More tomorrow!

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