May 26, 2015

Hi! I wanted to post a few photos of the cute wedding details from the weekend! The wedding was in a big open room with exposed brick walls, and they decorated in so many ways...many of which were hanging from the ceiling! They definitely created a multi-level approach!

Me and my studly hubby before heading to the wedding! A bit blurry, our photog
Mimi is a bit shaky and so most photos of us are blurry!
Their colors were purple and turquoise...and the wedding was outside under a
canopy of lush, green it started to thunder and storm, we were covered for the
most part thankfully! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and looked like it was made just for her. I've never seen a dress so perfect for a bride before...she was exquisite!!
Instead of printed programs, they had this giant chalkboard with all of the information,
right inside -- we passed it on our way to the ceremony.
Their "head table" was a round table that was beautifully decorated...and then there were long tables to each side for the wedding party.
Each table was a on the seating chart, we saw that we were at table 1987...
each table had similar but slightly different centerpieces, all of which included photos of both
the bride and the groom for that particular year. They were both about 1 in 1987, geesh.
This beautiful ladder was hanging directly over the head table for the new couple...
The cake was beautiful, with little canvas "Mr & Mrs" flags on was vanilla
with a hint of something was ok tastewise. The groom's cake was chocolate
with a thick chocolate ganache icing that was incredible!!!!
So, there is a little taste of the wedding!! Now, time to go relax...I had a full day and book club and I need to relax!

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