May 25, 2015

:: Happy Memorial Day everyone!

:: AND Happy Birthday to my sweet PTS Dronda Louise!!!

:: I come to you this evening from the comfort of my back patio! Chris rigged up our small tv and it is playing the Luke Bryan concert...the waterfall is trickling...the pups are laying in their beds at our feet. Currently the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. It is 7:22 pm.

:: Earlier today though, it stormed quite bad...we have a very large lake in our front yard. The largest it has ever been. I waded through it in my rain boots, and it almost hit the tops. That's a lot of water!!

:: Once the rain moved on, Chris and I went on an 8 mile bike ride...that was nice! I was able to see Gus Buttons and I fed him some yellow flowers...he was a happy boy!

:: I gave both dogs baths today, and they smell so good! They put up with it because they knew they'd get the "special bones" afterwards!

:: I worked on sizing photos for printing and designing titles to go with them. Made some good progress there.

:: We grilled out tonight and had a delicious dinner! Sausage, baked potatoes, green bean casserole, and garlic bread. I also made a strawberry shortcake trifle for dessert that was yummy!

:: Tomorrow, I am beginning a step approach to getting my eating back on track...same process I went through in January before I started my Whole 30. Week one will be no sugar. Week two no legumes. Week three no dairy. Week four no grains. I find this to be very, very necessary. Because I am very, very out of control.

:: Here's to a short week ahead!!!!

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Ah, thanks Kel, my PTS!

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