May 05, 2015

kelley #39

So...I recently turned 39 :)

In all the Aruba fun...this has been pushed back a bit. But I am here to tell you about it now!

Of course, I spent my actual birthday IN Aruba, and at the donkey sanctuary. That post is below, if you missed it! Upon returning to normal life, there were a few other celebrations to be had!!

On Monday when I returned to work, my coworkers treated me to a fun party! They had fresh berries (my fave!) and pound cake...and they gifted me with a Stitch Fix gift card! Woo hoo!! They also gave me a handmade donkey pinata card :) And of course, I had to wear the hat below! My department is great, a blessing everyday!

Kim took me out to lunch on Thursday to celebrate...we had a lovely time at Subway, and gave me the sweetest gift. She used repurposed barn wood and colorful knobs to create me a one-of-a-kind gift! See below!

Then, we set up the family birthday dinner for Friday evening. Chris, Mimi and I went to Perini Steakhouse for a delicious dinner! I had a scrumptious filet mm mmm! From there, we headed home to gifts and ice cream cake! I absolutely LOVE ice cream cake, and I enjoyed every single bite! (And all throughout the weekend too!!!) Mimi gave me some beautiful gold hoop earrings and a gift card to Penneys! Can't wait to do a little shopping...what do I want??

Fun at work :)
Card made by Allison -- I love it!
Here is my gift from Kim! I need to figure out where to hang it so I can
my favorite jewelry from it! So cute!
Me and my love at Perini
Me and Mimi
Me and the favorite part is the cookie/caramel
mixture that goes between the layers of ice cream...nom nom nom.
I bet I gained 5 pounds from all the cake I ate. No joke.
Hmmmm....I bet you are wondering what Chris gave me for my birthday?? :) While we were in Aruba, Chris gave me a card designed by my designer said:

Kelley's Birthday Surprise...means that something about to happen...on 2 special better take off work...starting Thursday on May 7 at noon...and all day May 8!

And that, my friends, is all that I know at this time! I have asked off work for a half day on May 7 and a full day on May 8 -- and he will not give me ANY hints!! All he has told me is that I need to dress "fancy party", but not formal. More like clothes for a nice dinner out. Hmmm...I'm not sure what I will wear! But, I will keep you posted on what occurs this weekend! I'm dying to find out!!!

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