May 04, 2015

stitch fix #4

I was so excited to receive my 4th Stitch Fix last week!! Even better, I had $50 in referral credit to spend AND a $40 gift card from my coworkers!! Plus some birthday money :) I was all set!

In my notes for this fix, I was pretty specific. I saw a gorgeous purse online that is available through Stitch Fix, and I requested it by name. I also requested that they send NO DENIM in this fix. Mainly because I have bought two denim pieces through them so far (jeans and a jean jacket) and I have all I need.

I was so excited to get home from work and tear into the box! Only, upon seeing it, I had a sinking suspicion that there was no purse in that box. It was just too small :(

So, without further ado! Here is my review of my 4th Stitch Fix! The photos were taken right after I got out of bed, so please excuse my appearance!

Kut From the Kloth - Haiden Straight Leg Jean Navy - $88.00 -- RETURNED

Ummmm...WHY was there denim in my fix??? I cannot get over this! As an analytical person, it confuses me why they ask for notes if they aren't going to take them in to account? The frustrating thing is that they fit perfectly. And I really liked the style, they were very cute with the big cuff. So then I had an internal battle -- should I NOT purchase them on principle, since I specifically asked them not to send any denim? Or should I go ahead and purchase since they fit and I liked them? If you know me at all, you probably guessed that I did NOT purchase them, strictly on principle. And you'd be correct! The one good thing I can say about this -- they have my sizing down perfectly, which isn't easy I am sure!

Tart - Kaylie Solid French Terry Blazer - Black - $128.00 -- RETURNED

This blazer fit perfectly. The material was luscious and so soft. Unfortunately, I already have a black blazer. This is such a "basic" and that is not the reason I am using Stitch Fix. I am wanting to be sent fun, unique, mostly patterned items that I can't find anywhere else. Worst of all, this price is over the price range that I set in my profile, so I am not sure why it was even chosen for me? Boo.

Papermoon - Livy Shift Dress Navy - $48.00 -- KEPT!

This dress is wonderful! Since it is a shift dress, it just skims my frame. It isn't loose or tight. It is so comfy! The length is perfect for work, and the pattern is fun too. I also like the solid side panels, it adds some interest and perhaps has a slimming effect too! On top of all that, I expected this price to be much higher for a dress -- so I was pleasantly surprised!!

41Hawthorn - Breyson Pleated Tab-Sleeve Blouse - $58.00 -- RETURNED

I went back and forth on this one. I tried it on with work skirts and with skinny jeans. I tried it tucked in (didn't work because of the pleat). The color was just ok. It also was just barely sheer, so I would probably have needed a tank top underneath, which I don't necessarily like doing. I posted on Instagram to get feedback. Finally I just decided that I obviously didn't love it, and so I didn't need it.

Pixley - Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top White - $44.00 -- RETURNED

Oh polka dots! I love you! But I did not love the style of this shirt :( The tie could have worked, but the back was so much longer and was awkward when it was tied. It was also slightly big, with gaping arm holes. And though I love polka dots, I have so much black/white -- I need color in my life! So sadly, this was a no for me.

So -- all that money to spend on this fix, and I only kept one item!!! :( That tends to happen with me, so that is ok. I will save it for Fix #5! I do love my dress, so that makes me happy!

HOWEVER -- there is the issue of the purse. I checked the price of it, and it falls within the price range I set on my profile. So no problem there. Perhaps they are out of stock?? Perhaps my stylist just didn't read my fix note?? I don't know, because it was not mentioned in the stylist note I received either. So I'm left wondering, and left feeling bummed out about it. I really wanted that bag! I will try again in my next fix. Again, my analytical self is very bothered by this. Whatever the reason, I would have felt much better if it had been explained in the stylist note.

Sometimes it sucks being analytical! Oh well -- I wore the dress today and got lots of compliments!! Love it!

AND!!! I just learned that I have $50 more in referral credit, so I went ahead and scheduled Fix #5 for the end of May since I still also have the gift card and the birthday money!!! I again requested the purse, requested no denim, and requested no basics. Fingers crossed!!

Be sure to scroll down for the last day recap of our Aruba trip!!

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