June 14, 2015

Happy weekend!! I hope yours has been good! Here is a little about ours!

:: Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are entertaining us...Mama is very nervous and doesn't like us being in the kitchen. They spend a lot of time on the gate, chirping at us! :)

:: This is Chris with his friend Steven...otherwise known as Kiki...they are running buddies :) Chris has a lot of knowledge to share with new runner Kiki, and it is fun to see them inspire each other. It is great for Chris to have a running partner again...

:: Saturday, I enjoyed the June crop at Kim's house! I was able to get about 40 pages in the works -- just need to put the finishing touches on them. Yay! It was so nice to work on my own things again. A nice break from my scrapbook job. I am nearing the end of that, and am looking forward to handing it over to her. Not much longer now. And...sweet Gary (Kim's husband) made us frozen pina coladas -- nom nom!!! Quite enjoyed those! We had a small group -- me, Kim and Pam. Such a nice day!

:: Just thought I would share this -- Chris killed it in our driveway...oh lovely. It had eggs too. Oh my.

:: Just a sweet Saturday moment with my love...

:: Kim has a new puppy named Molly...a lab mix. She is sooooo sweet, I am in love with her :) I spent quite a bit of time on the back porch with her on Saturday at the crop! She likes me too, I think :) She is a very good snuggler and likes a good belly rub. And likes to give kisses! Sweet sweet. (Excuse the awkward double chin in this photo, ick).

:: As you know, Chris spent a few days in Vegas last week for a conference...they took the company jet, and our pilot Steven let Chris sit in the co-pilot seat for awhile. You know that he really enjoyed that!!!

:: Beyond that...Friday evening we had dinner at Wing Stop and enjoyed a very yummy treat meal -- lemon pepper wings and crack fries! Saturday, after the crop, we had dinner at Niko's -- gyros! Very messy but delish! Then we headed to The Mill and had a few drinks with Alex, a designer on Chris' team. Very nice evening! Sunday, grocery shopping and a stop at Michaels...

:: Best of all -- my amazing hubby cleaned and did laundry for me Saturday while I was at the crop! He is such a blessing to me!

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