June 11, 2015

:: I finally figured out why this week seems to be soooooo long! We have had casual dress days all week, and so that makes every day seem like Friday!! And then, boo. It isn't Friday. It has me thrown all off! But I must say, I have really enjoyed being casual!!

:: Chris was back to work today, and busy busy after being gone for three work days!

:: Tonight for dinner, we are having a teriyaki chicken made by Nadene! This one is basically marinated chicken in a ziploc bag, so I will just have to cook the chicken. It smells so good already! I am having it with roasted yellow squash (one from Shaylee's garden and one from Kim's garden!) and roasted potatoes (from Kim's garden!)! I love having friends who share the bounty of their gardens!!! Especially since I do not have a green thumb whatsoever! All the rain we have gotten this year has really made the gardens grow like gangbusters! Shaylee also shared some chocolate mint leaves with me...that is interesting. More mild than regular mint. Chris is running and when he gets home we will have our fine feast!!

:: Alex, one of Chris's team at work, is doing his first cross-country solo flight this evening! He may be stopping by afterwards to have a celebratory drink with Chris! He should have some good stories to share.

:: Tonight I am going to work on finding the life principles in John 2. Nadene, my friend and mentor, was so sweet -- she gifted me with an incredible study bible! It has full color photos, lots of history, and a whole bottom section of footnotes. It will be a great resource for me. Our mentoring sessions are going really well -- she was definitely the correct choice for me. God led me to her and I was smart to listen!!

:: Last night I was able to get 4 more pages done on that scrapbook -- I just counted and I only have 9 more to go! Nearing the end now, which is a great feeling! Seems I have been working on this forever!! Once done, I'll be able to get all of the pages organized in the two scrapbook albums, and then get them delivered to her. This coming Saturday is the crop and I am looking forward to it!! I am going to scrapbook my own things, which hasn't happened in awhile. That will be a nice change of pace!

:: I mentioned the cardinals who have made their nest in the tree by my kitchen window?? Oh they are so fun to watch! The mama cardinal is so, so nervous. She will not go in the nest if we are in the kitchen. Instead she will perch on the metal chair right next to the tree, and she will chirp chirp chirp constantly. Like she is telling us off! Then, when we still remain in the kitchen, she will move to the front gate and chirp chirp chirp some more. I'm not sure why she built her nest next to our busy place?? The daddy cardinal comes to visit, and they are interesting together. How long does it take eggs to hatch?? And for baby birds to get old enough to move on?? I'm afraid mama cardinal is going to give herself a nervous heart attack before then!!!

:: Alrighty, off to finish the last bit for dinner!

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky to be blessed with Cardinals! Have seen many a bird nest but never our friendly Cardinals. PTS

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