June 09, 2015


:: Watching: "Friends" on repeat as often as possible, along with "So You Think You Can Dance"

:: Reading: "The Maker's Diet" (interesting info, not an easy read though); "I Am Malala" (can NOT get into this one for book club); James 1-5 (just finished up); John 1-3 (getting started on this); "Women's Health" magazine

:: Drinking: Baber Cellars wine

:: Pinning: midi skirts and purse "likes" on Pinterest so my Stitch Fix stylist has direction for my Fix in July

:: Listening: Ed Sheeran (+ and X)

:: Enjoying: watching the cardinal mama build her next by our front window

:: Laughing: at the accents in Hot Pursuit

:: Working: finishing up the end of my scrapbook-for-hire -- only a few more to go

:: Eliminating: corn products...I think corn is my trigger food

:: Eating: Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein bars (my fave!)

:: Smelling: Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath and Body

:: Trying: Wunderlist app on my phone -- it is keeping track of all my many lists, and I can electronically check things off

:: Practicing: the art of praying

:: Remembering: I can only control myself and my actions and decisions

:: Wearing: casual clothes all week -- ahhh

:: Missing: my hubby -- hurry home to me!!! (tomorrow!)

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