June 08, 2015

:: Monday -- that means So You Think You Can Dance! Really enjoying the auditions! Tonight there was an amazing girl trying out and I am excited for her! She was a black girl with short hair named Christine...

:: Chris seems to be having a good time in Vegas for the IASA conference...last night they ate lobster, filet, and caviar...you know, roughing it big time :) You eat and drink well when you travel with the CEO!

:: Tonight I made chicken salad and I think it was my best ever...nom nom nom...I made a big batch so we have plenty of leftovers for the week!!

:: Tomorrow I am having lunch (along with the other supervisors) with our summer apprentices to discuss leadership -- should be interesting!

:: I need to get some scrapbooking done this evening, soooo bye for today!

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Anonymous said...

Ah. Kel's Chicken Salad. Yummy! PTS

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