June 07, 2015

::I would say that this was a very nice weekend! I hope you enjoyed yours too!!

:: Friday after work, Chris and I worked out and then headed to Enchilada Express for dinner. It was yummy! Then we headed home and relaxed in our theater room with laptops and books! We haven't spent much time in there lately since the air conditioner was having issues...that room is already hot on its own! So now that it is fixed, we are enjoyed it again!

:: Saturday, Chris took a huge step!! He went for a discovery flight with a pilot instructor!! Chris has always had a fear of flying, which has gotten better over the years but is still there. We boiled it down to his fear covering the feeling of leaving the ground...actually seeing that happen, whether in a plane, in a car going over a very high overpass, or riding a Six Flags ride. So, he was as nervous as I had ever seen him before he drove off to the airport!

Once he was buckled in to the plane, he said his nerves were much better. There was so much to focus on that it helped in that regard. He greatly enjoyed the flight! And is now seriously considering taking flying lessons!

The crazy thing is that Chris was able to do so much of the flying, even with it being just a discovery flight! He was able to do the take off, fly while in the air, do turns, and almost all of the landing...the instructor took over right at the last minute. Crazy!!!

My husband...he is always striving to do better, be better, experience better...even if it scares him...he makes me very proud!

Chris by the plane, before getting in and heading off!
Chris boTrrowed his friend's Go Pro camera so that he could record the flight...he was also able to record the audio, of him and the instructor talking back and forth. It was so neat to watch!!
:: On Saturday, I attended a wedding shower for my designer Vanessa...it was a nice affair with friends and family, yummy snacks, and a pile of gifts! Her wedding is coming up in July...

Our work group that attended the shower -- Susie, me, Kathy, Allison, Vanessa the bride, and Susan
:: Saturday afternoon, I did some scrapbooking on the album I'm working on, and then Chris and I had a very fun date night!! We ate dinner at Brick Oven Pizza and then had a little time to waste before our 9:15 movie (Hot Pursuit with Reese Whitherspoon and Sophia)...Chris took off driving, and we ended up at the little league fields :) We got sno cones (me tigerblood and Chris cherry) and watched a gave of very young girls -- so fun and random!! Then the movie...it was pretty funny! Cheesy story line but I laughed pretty hard a number of times :)

:: Sunday, after church, Chris did some steps on his current wine making, and I did the laundry and made the grocery list. He packed up and left around 2:30 for the airport...he and some folks from work are in Vegas until Wednesday evening for a conference. He will have fun and eat very well, since our CEO is on the trip too :) I did some errands (including Target, yay!) and grocery shopped. Now for a relaxing evening! Currently I am watching The Help...and am about to get something going for dinner!

:: I also mixed up a homemade mosquito spray...you can imagine how bad they are right now because of all of our non-stop rain! It was lemon juice, vanilla extract, lavender essential oil and water...we shall see how well it works!

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